With over 300 products within our carefully selected product range, we have a solution for every aspect of the retail supply chain. Whether it’s in the field, in transit, storage or on the shop floor, our pallets, small totes, trays and boxes offer a wide range of reliable and durable returnable transit packaging solutions.

Nest M1: The first one-eighth pallet

Ideal for: Point of sale and promotional displays

The Nest M1 is the smallest nestable pallet on the market at one-eighth the size of a standard size Euro pallet. Measuring 400 x 300mm, its small and lightweight frame is ideal for use at the point-of-sale and eye-catching retail displays.

Made with special secure location points, product displays and sleeves can be effortlessly fixed to the pallet.

SF 400 L – The smart display pallet

Ideal for: In-store displays

A nestable quarter-euro pallet measuring 600mm x 400mm, the SF 400 L has been specially designed with slots cut into the deck to ensure display packs sit in place securely. The SF 400 L comes in black as standard and is also available in special colours for large quantities.

The Twistlock Box: One Click Ahead

Ideal for: Large volume retailers, grocers and growers, and handling delicate, loose product such as fruits and vegetables. Inspired by large volume retailers, grocers and growers, the GoFold Twistlock Box is an ideal solution for handling delicate produce often, and as quickly as possible, with minimum disturbance and effort to avoid spoiling. Its robust structure will protect loose crops during transportation to store.

The innovative, folding Twistlock Box offers a simple click-lock system for ease of use. It’s “active locking system” enables users to set up and fold the empty unit down flat, ready for storage. Thanks to the Twistlock release mechanism, it folds down discreetly and quietly. The Twistlock Box is also widely used for home delivery services of fresh vegetables.

APB 6080 Pool: The versatile choice

Ideal for: Stock transfer of cumbersome items to store. Often used on the shop floor The APB 6080 Pool pallet is a versatile and reliable solution for the retail environment, particularly for the transfer of heavy, bulk items.

This heavy duty pool pallet is designed to withstand the rigours of repeat use within a fast paced, supply chain.

With a dynamic load of 1,000kg and smart design, the APB 6080 Pool enables the retailer to ship product straight to the shop floor on pallets, sparing the hassle of unpacking products in the store room.

As a result, retailers can achieve cost and environmental savings as the process requires fewer staff and generates less packaging waste.

GoEuro 64120P: Strawberry fields forever

Ideal for: Storing and transporting small, soft fruits, straight from picking. Designed specifically for the fruit industry, the new GoEuro 64120P offers a simple, yet durable solution to fruit picking.

With a ventilated base and walls for improved air and hydro cooling applications, this handy strawberry tray smoothly transports fruit from the field to the store.

Made from Polypropylene (PP), the GoEuro 64120P is super lightweight at only 1,050g, and strong, with a reinforced base and sides that are designed to hold punnets of fruit securely in place.

Avoiding the risk of the delicate fruit being crushed when the full trays are stacked. Furthermore, it’s ventilated walls mean the container is easy to clean and dry, and allows produce to breathe during transit and in store.

From nestable, heavy duty and hygienic pallets, to folding boxes, totes and produce trays, we have unique solutions available in stock. Whatever your retail needs, for more choice and reliability, go plastic.

For more information on any of our products or to request a demonstration, call us on 01323 744057.

Alternatively, visit www.goplasticpallets.com for full product specifications and datasheets.


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