Critics of TPD and MHRA have taken issue with the fact that some of the proposed regulations for E-cigarettes are unjustifiable when you consider the regulations that apply to normal cigarettes. They argue that the changes will also stifle the growth of this incredibly insurgent and potentially life-saving alternative to harmful tobacco smoke.

IMG_20150726_090708Cigelectric are one of the suppliers in this market who maintain that electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products or medical products and should not be treated and regulated as such. They argue that electronic cigarettes are a lower risk alternative to smoking tobacco. “For many, discovering e-cigs was literally like a breath of fresh air. No longer did smokers have to endure the selfloathing of a tobacco addiction, knowing too well what the dangers were. They (smokers) will not stand to be forced back to inferior products or smoking tobacco.”


As we reported in our May-June issue, the Welsh Government’s proposed ban on public vaping could well lead to similar bans elsewhere in the UK. Whether or not the ban will roll out across Britain remains uncertain, but meanwhile it has sparked indignation in the industry. Fraser Cropper of the supplier Totally Wicked told Wholesale Manager:

“The ban on smoking in enclosed public places was introduced to benefit the health of non-smokers whose health was put at risk as a result of being in close proximity to smokers. Therefore any proposal to include electronic cigarettes within this ban must also be to protect the health of non-vapers. Is passive vaping dangerous? We say no, and a wide range of respected institutions and individuals have carried out the research that makes this clear.

“It is telling that the Department of Health, the Scottish Government, ASH, the British Heart Foundation, the Royal College of Physicians, and Cancer Research UK all oppose the Welsh Government’s proposed ban on public vaping.

“First and foremost this ban will have a negative impact on existing vapers, who will be forced to vape alongside smokers. It will also have a significant impact in vape shops and existing smokers yet to discover vaping. If this ban is implemented smokers will no longer be able to test products, flavours, and nicotine strengths in vape shops. This will lead to some vape shops closing, but more fundamentally it will make it harder for smokers to successfully switch to a less harmful alternative. How can this possibly be good for public health?”

As the debate continues Wholesale Manager will follow the argument with interest, and report on developments in future issues.

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