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pushpop-scan.jpgThe Swedish Rheumatism Association has commended Scan AB for several of its different easy to open packs. One of these packs is the Amcor PushPop, an innovative new packaging design, which Scan use for their delicatessen meatballs, “Delikatessköttbullar”. The Swedish Rheumatism Association has gathered more than 100,000 signatures to “motivate” retailers to increase the share of easy to open packaging Today’s consumers want easy to open packaging solutions, which can be opened without using a knife or scissors. Amcor’s PushPop allows the consumer to just push in the special perforation on the top side, pop the pack open and enjoy the Scan meatballs.

As well as being easy to open, the pack can be re-closed using a label placed on the bottom of the pack, and returned to the refrigerator. Scan have already launched two products in Sweden using the packs, with three new designs being introduced shortly in Denmark and Sweden. Thanks to its wide opening, the Amcor PushPop is an ideal packaging for a wide range of products that are consumed directly from the pack.

The entire surface including the top and the bottom of the pack is available for printing, further promoting a company’s brand.PushPop is also a stackable packaging, enabling companies to easily differentiate their product on the shelves. Scan AB is one of Sweden’s most popular brands and its products are linked with Swedish origin, safety and quality.

The company is part of the HK Scan group, one of northern Europe’s largest food industries producing meat and delicatessen products and ready-made foods.Amcor Flexibles

Tel: +46 70 299 32

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