mmd.jpgPortsmouth company MMD (Shipping Services) Limited, one of the country’s largest importers of exotic fruit, is now recycling thousands of cardboard boxes and wooden pallets every week with the help of ACM Waste Management Plc. ACM has supplied MMD with a mill-sized baler, which has enabled the company to store its waste cardboard much more efficiently until it can be collected for recycling. Ian Rolland of MMD Shipping said: “The baler has made a huge difference. We literally have thousands and thousands of waste cardboard boxes coming into our premises every week and this has created a big problem because of the amount of space they take up, plus the impact on the environment. “But since installation of the baler this area is much tidier and baling the cardboard and recycling it has also created a revenue stream for the business.”

MMD also has a vast quantity of wooden pallets that previously took up an area the size of a football pitch. In the past these were disposed of using a wood burning system to landfill, which was very expensive and not a very environmentally friendly option.

ACM provided the perfect solution in the form of a mammoth roll packer and now all pallets are crushed and sent to a local wood chipping factory. The installation of the mammoth will also save MMD Shipping almost £40,000 per annum on its waste management costs. ACM Waste Management Consultant Lezlee Burke added: “MMD Shipping is an excellent example of how the use of modern waste management equipment can significantly increase the efficiency of a business as well as helping it to achieve valuable costs savings.

“It is also irrefutable proof that taking your business down a greener path does not have to be a more expensive option. Being good to the planet is also very good for business!”

ACM Waste Management Plc
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