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Cherry Load, the Oxfordshire-based logistics solutions provider reports ‘instant control’ over driver and vehicle activities since switching to remote tacho downloading and data analysis from leading transport software specialists Mandata and TruTac.

The family-run company operates a mixed fleet including temperature-controlled, curtain sided and bulk-tipping trailers. Cherry Load already used Mandata software to help manage their operations. In November 2018, to speed-up and automate the retrieval of driver and vehicle tacho information for simplified compliance, they added a suite of software from Mandata and TruTac, which enabled tacho data digital files to be downloaded remotely via Mandata’s service, Tacho Now, and then pushed to TruTac for analysis.

The combined Mandata and TruTac systems allow Cherry Load to remotely download and view data such as vehicle speeds, break intervals and daily working times, all of which can be accessed on a single screen with individual driver averages and an automatic alert to flag anomalies.

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