266_6678.jpgRigid Containers, one of the UK’s largest independent corrugated box and container manufacturers, will reveal its latest ground breaking innovations in the design and production of Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) solutions. The exhibit will illustrate how increasing numbers of companies continually turn to Rigid, switching from traditional transit cases to cost-effective, dual-role units which both protect goods during distribution and display them attractively on shelf at point-of-sale.

The company will highlight its unrivalled expertise in advanced box ‘engineering’, skills which have kept Rigid at the forefront in developing, testing and supplying a wide variety of RRP. It will display striking, new cutting edge designs, which provide stronger, easier to assemble and fill RRP cases that have led the UK’s leading retailers to demand this radical change in packaging styles.

Providing quicker turnaround and restocking of products on shelf, RRP can increase sales by 5 per cent – good for the retailer and good for the supplier.

In the UK, Rigid operates plants in Selby and Desborough.  Acknowledged as a European centre of manufacturing excellence, the Selby unit output has recently increased by some 40 per cent. These additional production and warehouse facilities boost capacity from 100 million to 140 million square metres and expand customer storage at the two Rigid UK plants to 30,000 pallets – underpinning the company’s position as an industry pioneer in meeting and exceeding the demands of modern supply chain management.

Also a major manufacturer of high volume transit cases, Rigid Containers is part of VPK Packaging Group, which operates plants in Belgium, Holland, France, Poland and Romania.

Rigid Corrugated
Tel: 01536 760266
Email: corrugated@rigid.co.uk

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