Safety Barriers Are Necessary at Construction Sites

Though safety barriers are necessary at construction sites in general, many times you will come across a site that has poor protection for the workers. When it comes to safety on a construction site there is no such thing as being too safe. Every layer of protection is necessary and helps to protect the community as a whole.

Despite the barriers being in place, there is still inherent danger at any construction site along with the possibility that the barriers are not of sufficient quality.

To gain a closer look at the different types of construction site safety barriers, one would have to conduct research and gain knowledge of what is acceptable according to the governing agency for that jurisdiction. It is also a good idea to understand varying levels of physical protection that can be used on a construction site.

More Standards Should Be in Place

No matter what standards are currently in place, there is a need for stricter guidelines. Many construction workers, motorists and passers-by are injured or killed due to construction site accidents. Whether the site is on the highway, or in an industrial park, there’s a lot of room for improvement in the type of safety barriers that are employed there.

Depending upon the level of accountability, many business owners fall short in this area in an effort to cut costs and expenditures. As you pay closer attention to construction site materials, you will notice that some of the barrier materials are substandard. Many of the barriers are constructed with outdated materials. Some metal barricades are rusted, broken or falling apart.

These conditions lend itself to a poor overall view of the integrity of the project. Poorly maintained barriers pose a risk to the persons working on the site as well as the pedestrians who are walking in the surrounding area. Today’s technology allows for barriers that are appropriate, and efficient for the job.

The newly constructed flexible safety barriers by are more effective in protecting the construction site personnel in the event someone loses control of their car and comes too close to a site on the highway. Using brighter colours is a small detail that proves to be very effective in preventing accidents.

Highway Construction Sites Need Clear Sight Lines

The grey metal used in some construction site barricades is not easily seen in certain weather conditions. If it is a day marked with overcast weather, grey metal can be muted out as a motorist swiftly approaches a construction site. The brighter colours like yellow and orange connote caution and will be a sign to slow down on sight.

When contact is made with an approaching vehicle, some of the grey metal barricades prove to be inefficient in stopping the auto. A car of any weight can plough through these barricades with little effort. These barricades are better suited for visual effectiveness – meaning motorists or pedestrians will see the barricade and know to stand clear – provided the light is right and the weather is not an impediment. These barriers are not as effective as their polymer constructed counterparts in actually slowing the progression of a vehicle which may be out of control.

If you are in a position of supervising a construction site of any kind, it is imperative to provide high quality flexible safety barriers to ensure your crew (as well as pedestrians in the area) are safe at all times.

Safety should never be a secondary concern.

Proper research in order to request the proper equipment is key in doing a great job and protecting those in your charge along the way.

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