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Tim-BartholomewA leading energy management expert has forecast that modern controls could save the UK refrigerated storage industry millions of pounds and at the same time improve product quality by maintaining constant temperatures whilst preventing the generation of many tonnes of CO2.

Tim Bartholomew, managing director of Hampshire-based Next Control Systems, made the forecast after his company had installed a £55,000 refrigeration controls and energy management system in a chilled store, saved £60,000 in year one and won a major energy management award as a result of that success.

“I am convinced we can deliver similar savings on much of the UK’s refrigerated storage capacity because more than half of it is over ten years old, with 17% being over 35 years old,” he said.

Savings in the award-winning store were achieved mainly through door monitoring, intelligent defrost, compressor run times and both floating suction and head pressure controls.

Similar savings are forecast for year two as the store is remotely watched around the clock by Next through its Alarm Monitoring Bureau, operators there ensuring savings are not eroded by indifferent management practices or by maintenance companies’ impacting on economical running by changing settings.

The store owner has since ordered three more systems for installation in adjoining units.

“We urge every owner of a chilled or frozen store that is approaching or over ten years old to urgently review its operation and my company will help with free surveys and costed solutions where they are necessary,” added Mr. Bartholomew.

Next Control Systems

Tim Bartholomew

Tel: 01252 406398

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