linerless2.jpgChilled food packaging specialist Ravenwood Packaging will be turning heads at Foodex/Meatex in Hall 17, stand AA360 with examples of the very latest in drop-dead gorgeous, linerless adhesive backed labels, and the ultra-efficient, planet-friendly labelling machines and systems that apply them. The stand has the theme of the ‘life of trees’ and is based on a magnificently burgeoning Ravenwood set in a colourful, harlequin-styled stage set. Vibrant life and colour is starkly contrasted by dying ‘metal’ trees, surrounded by piles of used backing papers, dotted around the stand to highlight the very real problem of excessive packaging waste.

The relatively new company, based in East Anglia, has now exceeded the £6m turnover mark in terms of the sales, servicing and supply of parts for a range of specialist packaging machines worldwide. The team of dedicated labelling specialists has now sold in excess of 150 machines to over 100 customers, who are selecting the high quality sleevers, applicators and labels to enhance the image of their finished products.

Ravenwood’s customers are drawn mostly from the chilled food sector, buying Nobac 125, 400 and 500 sleevers but the company is already broadening its client base through the introduction of innovative new packaging ideas to include other industry sectors including drinks, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries.

NEW on display at Foodex/Meatex will be the Nobac 125 labeller, a high speed labelling system which is introducing new customers to the linerless labelling system. Its unique linerless labels eliminate the need for wasteful, non-recyclable backing papers, and the absence of backing material means reel changes are quicker and easier.

The Nobac 500 sleever has been specifically developed for retailers and packers. The sleever is an inline machine designed for maximum flexibility, it eliminates the need to turn the packs. It is capable of applying sleeves in five formats: top, top and side, top and two sides, C-wrap, and full wrap.
Also NEW for the show is the Nobac 400V variant, an applicator focused entirely on C-wrap applications. As well as c-wrapping regular shaped packs it is capable of labelling irregular packs such as whole birds. It has been designed to have control of both ends of the label in the feed system, improving positional accuracy of the label around the package. The backingless labels can be made from slightly thicker than normal material, minimising wrinkling on application.

Moving swiftly into position as one of the UK’s most competitive and fast-responding companies was the aim of founder Paul Beamish, who has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, most notably with SE Labels and Skanem Systems. “Packaging buyers are seeing backingless labels as a major step forwards in terms of corporate social responsibility and for this reason we are expanding our range of labels and machines to cope with the increase in interest. We are introducing new lines to the show that will help to further simplify and speed up labelling. Anywhere a self adhesive label can go, a linerless label can probably do the job better.

“The supermarket environment is incredibly noisy, so new generation labelling has to be both responsible and eyecatching. New linerless labelling is both original and outstanding to have that extra impact on shelf. Nothing helps maximise sales more than the very latest in labelling.”
Growing proportionately with machine sales is a new line in packaging materials. Printed sleeves and self-adhesive labels are now being produced by Ravenwood to meet the need for the almost ‘instant supply’ of labelling products. A new online stocking system is helping Ravenwood customers keep up with the management of consumables and accessories.

Packaging systems available from Ravenwood include Nobac sleevers and Trojan Applicators. These systems will also be seen on associate companies Digi (Europe) and Espera’s stands.

Agents and licensees are coming on stream to help with the worldwide marketing of products. Ravenwood is now represented in a network of countries across the world including the USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

Ravenwood Packaging
Paul Beamish
Tel: 01603 404650 or 07989 561718

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