sharp.jpgNew UP-820 models offer dual pad and touch screen control – perfect for the hospitality, delicatessen or grocery environment. Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd has launched two new versions of its UP-800 EPoS series – the UP-820F and the UP820N terminals. The UP-820 range has dual pad and touch screen operation to bring a new smarter way of working to the fingertips of fast moving retail or food and beverage environments. The model also features the familiar sleek design and contemporary two-tone black and grey colour styling of the UP-800 series.

Both models are available with integrated 58mm 2-station printer. The 58mm thermal printer offers a fast print out at 17 lines per second and the 2-station design is ideal for situations where a journal roll is required.

Versatile, customisable features.
Tailored to meet specific business requirements the UP-820F incorporates a fully customisable flat keyboard with 144 keys, whilst the UP-820N features a normal keypad with up to a maximum of 84 configurable keys.

A number of direct PLU menu keys can allow popular departments or item groups to be organised clearly and this is also useful for restaurants where menus and prices change at different times of day.

The touch screen accommodates up to 15 customisable keys and when combined with the keyboard, it provides an intuitive user interface which minimises entry errors and allows rapid entry sequences.

Another useful benefit is the enhanced promotions menu to allow end users to give more compelling and competitive sales offerings. Promotions can be set up based on a number of different criteria to allow for a wide variety of discount methods – for example buy one get one free or four items for £10, perfect for today’s retail environment.

Enhanced security and robust operating system. The UP-820 series continues the tradition of a stable and robust Sharp EPROM platform. The machine is easy to use and set up, with lead in menus helps to guide users through each programming step.

The operator key is non-contact and uses 64-bit encrypted operator codes, which ensures the highest degree of security. An optional magnetic card reader is also available for customer tracking.

A standard Ethernet interface board enables a number of terminals to be networked. This high-speed in-line system enables master-to-satellite transmission of preset data – and also allows sales data from all satellite terminals to be sent to the master. This brings significant time savings through automatic totalling, as reports can be generated much more efficiently.

The UP-820 series easily connects to either a handheld or fixed barcode scanner which means time savings can be achieved at the point of service. The series also has a learning function and, should items have not been entered onto the master product file, they can be scanned during the sales transaction and added to the master file. In addition, the series also features support for link to a scale, ideal for a delicatessen or grocery environment.

Other key features:
• Tilt-able 6.5 inch backlit touch-screen colour display
• SD card slot for data back-up
• Large LED customer display
• Comprehensive and flexible promotion menus
• Customer relationship management eatures
• RS-232 interface ports
• Connection to barcode scanner nd/or scale
• Nine exchange and conversion rates
• Auto key and price shift function
• Menu/condiment/combo price look ups (PLU)
• Flash reporting and comprehensive report capability
• Bonus points feature
• Multiple barcodes can be assigned to one item
• PLU information text for product information, recipes or wine-tasting notes

Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd
Tel: 0800 262 958

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