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sharphb-resizedSharpham Park, created by Roger Saul, founder of designer label Mulberry is the pioneer of growing organic Spelt in the UK. Sharpham Park has the only 100% dedicated organic spelt mill known in the world, which ensures that the spelt is completely free from contamination from different grains.

Perfect for health-conscious individuals, the Sharpham Park Spelt range includes pearled spelt, porridges, toasted flakes, puffs, biscuits, flour, granolas and mueslis and the brand new ‘Speltotto’ range – a term coined by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on his River Cottage programme to describe the delicious risotto type dish it creates – will be launched at IFE this year. With a low Glycaemic Index, Spelt is a top super food, slowly releasing sugars and nutrients into the blood stream, so a wonderful energy food too. The distinctive nutty flavour of Spelt ensures a naturally great taste that perfectly complements the nutritional and health benefits of this unique grain.

Sharpham Park’s striking packaging is sourced wherever possible from sustainably farmed forests. It is made just 20 miles away from Sharpham Park and is in keeping with the brand’s ethos of being environmentally responsible, keeping their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum and supporting the local West Country community.

Peter, Sharpham Park’s miller, describes what makes spelt grain different to wheat: “It has a much tougher husk, which is a protective outer shell around the grain. When wheat grain is harvested this outer shell is easily removed by the combine harvester, but with spelt the husk is much too tough. This becomes an extra process where a de-husker has to be used. Sharpham Park owns one of the few de-huskers in the country, which allows them to keep the grain protected by this natural packaging right up to when it will be used to mill. This ensures a fresher grain which ensures fresher flour!”

image001For well over 1000 years, Sharpham Park – a 300-acre historic park in Somerset – has been a domain with a rich agricultural heritage, sustaining Glastonbury Abbots, Kings and noblemen throughout the ages. The park is now the Saul family home and Roger, together with wife Monty, have created the Sharpham Park food range out of a shared passion for sustainably farmed, healthy and natural food.

Come along to stand N1634 at IFE and meet some of the team behind the spelt!

Sharpham Park

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