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WinnerThe UK’s best oyster openers were out in force recently when 15 hopefuls battled it out in The Tabasco British Oyster Opening Championship 2009. Four hundred and fifty native oysters were opened (and then eaten) and over 100 guests eagerly cheered on representatives from oyster restaurants, oyster suppliers and fishmongers from all over Britain.

Once again, the top three were extremely close, with only 1 second between second and third place. Third place was given to Sam Tamsanguan from Wilton’s restaurant. Fredrik Lindfors of The Fish Shop, this year, although he came second, was commended by all three judges as they thought his oysters were ‘the best presentation they’ve ever seen in their years of judging’, however both were not quite fast enough to take the title from 2008’s winner, Armando Lema of Coastline La Brocca, who opened thirty oysters in 3 minutes 25 seconds, a staggering 19 seconds faster than Fredrik in second place.

Armando, the 2009 Tabasco Oyster Opener of the Year celebrated his win with a Loch Ryan native oyster with a few drops of Tabasco.

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