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dsc00183.jpgA farming father and son from Cumbria are celebrating the success of their pioneering project which has transformed the lives of hundreds of farming families in Uganda. Charles and William Irving have just recruited their 1,000th small-holder farmer to harvest the hibiscus flowers used to make the UK’s first flower-based juice drink, Simply Hibi, providing much-needed support to disadvantaged local communities. Simply Hibi is an antioxidant rich, refreshing juice with a story that is as unique as the drink itself providing a sustainable income and financial security for hundreds of farmers, their families and communities.

Charles and William, founders of Ibis Organics have been accredited for significantly changing the lives of the growers off the shores of Africa’s Lake Victoria, who are involved in the production of their unique drink.

William Irving, director of Ibis Organics, makers of Simply Hibi, said; “Simply Hibi is a unique product, but the most important element is how it is farmed and created. By working with the Ugandan farmers directly, cutting out the need for a middle man, we know that Ibis Organics is helping to support their livelihoods, providing them with a stable source of income.

“We are fully committed to our growers and this is a long term investment for everyone involved. By developing local training programmes to support them in growing the hibiscus crop for the drink, we are providing a life-changing project for many of the families, communities and future generations.

“And while we are of course a commercial venture, our aim – right from the very start back in 2002 – was to work closely with the farmers to ensure they gain maximum benefit from the crops they produce. Now that we have their trust and dedication, it is essential we continue to grow the demand for Simply Hibi in the UK and European market.”

Simply Hibi is 85 per cent hibiscus-infused water and 15 per cent fruit extract. The 100% natural drink has no added sugar is completely free from artificial colourings and preservatives and has a rich flavour brimming with the taste of berries. It has 17 times more anti-oxidants than cranberry and other juice drinks.

Leading UK nutritionist Anita Bean said: “Simply Hibi has an exceptionally high content of phytonutrients, called anthocyanins, which are found in the hibiscus flower – this is the secret to the drink’s health benefits.”

Simply Hibi is available at selected Sainsbury’s and health food stores, sandwich retailers, coffee shops, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. It is available in 1 litre cartons (priced between £1.59 and £1.89) and in 250ml bottles (priced between £1.09 and £1.39).

To discover more about the drink, visit

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