Intrepid Fox, the singleserve ‘wine to go’, is getting ready for a surge in orders as retailers across the UK stock up for the coming BBQ season.


The easily carried, shatterproof PET glass makes Intrepid Fox perfect for BBQs and other outdoor events, while the year-long shelf-life allows retailers to stock up without worrying about costly waste.

Intrepid Fox ‘glasses’ weigh the same as a real wine glass and retain an elegant aesthetic appeal. This means that people can enjoy good quality wine at BBQs, where glass can pose a safety hazard, without having to resort to using disposable plastic cups.

]The popularity of Intrepid Fox among caterers and street food vendors is testament to the product’s unique appeal for people wanting a more refined experience when drinking wine ‘on the go’ or at outdoor events. Available in Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Rose, Intrepid Fox can be the perfect addition to BBQs this summer.

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