big-hit-plus-roll1.jpgPork Farms, the UK’s leading savoury pastry brand has re-launched under a radical new identity and packaging design, after a significant brand and category review. Pork Farms was purchased from Northern Foods in January 2007 and the work is the first stage of the company’s commitment to invest in re-establishing the brand’s category leadership. The revised packaging will be launched across the range in March.

The re-brand, commissioned by General Manager (Brands) Nigel White is designed to lead the category and help educate people about the different variations within it, and provide modernity for the Pork farms brand.Pork Farms’ category review revealed that consumers shop the savoury pastry category on ‘auto pilot’ and that the products on offer are perceived as overly similar.The re-brand is a reflection of this review, and the realisation that as category leaders, Pork Farms was required to create a significant shake-up to persuade consumers to reappraise savoury pastry. The Pork Farms re-brand will play a significant role in addressing this challenge, especially by making it easier for consumers to shop the category.The design of the new Pork Farms packaging not only achieves this, but importantly emphasises the brand’s consumer proposition of sociable ‘happy food’ at the heart of all great social occasions.

The packaging engages with consumers by reminding them that at its heart, Pork Farms cares about producing great quality, wholesome, fresh baked food made with natural ingredients, for people to enjoy together.Nigel White comments, “The Pork Farms brand is category leader worth in excess of £80m with strong emotional loyalty. So our task is to build on this strength while broadening the overall appeal of the category.“The most significant insights that the brand review identified, were that people see our products as highly sociable foods, associated with good times and togetherness, and that we needed to communicate more clearly the natural, wholesome food values that Pork Farms represents. The packaging uses natural colours, and sociability cues to achieve this, under the tag-line ‘Get Together with Pork Farms’.”

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