Welcome to the Wholesale Manager Spring Cleaning feature. After the long, dark months of autumn and winter there’s nothing like a ray of sunshine to show the dirt and dust and shame us into a bit of cleaning.

Charles-New-GreyAccording to market research experts Mintel, a third of Brits give their home an extra thorough, top to bottom or deep clean when the days get warmer and lighter. Spring starts officially on Sunday March 20th and many of us celebrate the coming of spring by dusting away the cobwebs around the home.

Having sat at the back of the cupboard for months and been forgotten about, chances are some of the key cleaning items will need replacing before the job can be done. Including many big name brands from major suppliers such as RB, Unilever and Procter & Gamble, cleaning products are classic distress purchases that shoppers dash out to buy from their local independent retailer as and when needed, rather than wait until the next trip to the supermarket.

It’s great news all round for wholesalers and your household cleaning sections. So order the big household cleaning brands and specialist products now, ready for your retail customers to stock up.

According to Mintel, many of us have dirty secrets when it comes to the state of our homes. Over one in five Brits who do the cleaning in their kitchen say it is the most important room of all, but large numbers of us neglect looking after it. One in 10 people who have an oven never clean inside, whilst the same number never clean their cupboards or drawers. Almost half (46%) spruce their fridge freezer once a month or less. A quarter of Brits with a microwave clean it once a month or less and a further 5% never do.

Over half (56%) of Brits who do the cleaning in the kitchen say a pristine kitchen is important for their family’s health, yet one in five (21%) struggle to find time to go over their kitchen thoroughly.

A quarter (24%) choose wipes for cleaning inside cupboards and drawers. The traditional cloth and soapy water method is still trusted by half (50%) of Brits for cleaning inside the fridge or freezer.

Turning to the rest of the home, one in five (20%) Brits who use products for cleaning the bathroom and toilet struggle to find the time, making this area another Spring Clean target. A quarter admit that as soon as they clean the bathroom it seems to be dirty again.

Finally, Mintel’s research shows that for many of us a dirty bathroom is seen less as an eyesore, more of a health hazard, as over half (57%) agree that a clean bathroom and toilet is important for their family’s health. So stock up for the spring clean season and mop up on your household cleaning sales and profits!

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