skimmed-goats-milk.jpgSt Helen’s Farm, the UK’s leading goats’ milk producer, is set to increase its presence on the milk fixture with the launch of its skimmed goats’ milk, a first for the UK market. The York-based dairy has developed a skimmed version of its goats’ milk as a direct result of consumer requests and is urging retailers to devote more space on the fixture for this growing market. The company has continued to invest heavily in its dairy facilities and has recently acquired another farm in Yorkshire in response to the increasing demand for its’ goats’ milk.

Virtually fat-free skimmed milk is now available in a 1 litre carton in Tesco (RRP £1.29.)

Mike Hind, St Helen’s Farm Sales and Marketing Manager, says the market is continuing to grow as more consumers switch on to the health benefits of a goats’ milk diet, and appreciate its surprisingly mild taste:
“Demand for our goats’ milk is increasing at a rate far ahead of other milks in the dairy cabinet and this move into skimmed is all about meeting the needs of our consumers. It is yet another positive sign that the market is coming of age.”

St Helen’s Farm also produces a range of goats’ butter, cream, cheese and yogurts with listings in Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Morrisons.

St Helen’s Farm
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