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sumoSumo Glove, the revolutionary fork tip impact reduction system, is enjoying a record year. Sumo Glove is about to start trials with a major soft drinks company’s logistics operations, and recently presented a major British confectionery company with options for using Sumo Glove’s innovative materials handling safety technology in its Manchester distribution centre.

“In both instances,” says Sumo Managing Director Simon Ross, “the customers want to ensure that goods leave their premises in an immaculate state, with no finger pointing over damaged goods.”

The grocery industry is heavily reliant on 3PLs and supply chain specialists to run its supply chains. Grocery suppliers generally want to see the onus being placed on the carriers they use to ensure goods arrive as they should, in an undamaged state. As a result Sumo Glove is also enjoying growing interest from third party logistics operations serving the retail grocery industry.

“One of the biggest concerns in tendering for these contracts is just how much of the price of a logistics tender is to cover the possible cost of damages. Using Sumo Glove on the forklifts in your hubs and warehouses lets customers see immediately that you are taking action to minimise these costs.”

A number of large suppliers in different product sectors are currently trialling Sumo Glove to show their retail customers that they are taking the maximum care with their goods. The fact they use these devices sets them apart from the rest of the field. “We’re in an era,” says Simon Ross, “when major retailers are turning round to their suppliers and telling them that if they want to be seen as a first tier supplier, they should be supplying one hundred percent undamaged stock. If they can’t achieve it, they’re off the shortlist. When it comes to minimising damages caused by forklifts, Sumo Glove helps them raise their game instantly.”

The supermarkets themselves are also taking a keen interest in fitting Sumo Glove to their fleets: at least one major UK chain is currently looking at ways to use Sumo Glove to reduce damage in its distribution  centres.

Fuelling this surge in interest is a growing understanding across the board of Sumo Glove’s outstanding benefits. Whereas in the past damages were written off as an inevitable part of the running costs, now they are seen as something that can be contained and minimised. Many businesses in many different industry sectors now recognise Sumo Glove as a practical solution to the problem.

“The bottom line is, you don’t need to live any longer with damage to packaging and products. Sumo Glove is a proven solution to a costly problem people have simply accepted, and businesses are looking at it in all areas of industry.”

And the winner is…

RTITB and SUMO Glove recently collaborated to present the 1st National RTITB, SUMO Glove operator of the year competition, the first contest of its type which was a huge success, roundly applauded for raising the profile of fork truck safety in the industry.

Alex Nelson, MD RTITB, says: “The relationship between RTITB and SUMO stems from the synergies in the products and services we provide. Training and the SUMO Glove impact reduction system are both designed to reduce damage, increase efficiency and keep people safe”.

Tests on the Glove conducted by RTITB clearly demonstrated the many benefits they provide in Lift truck operations, with little impact on the time taken by properly trained operators to complete product movements.

RTITB and SUMO will continue to promote safety and training and we are currently planning the 2010 Operator of the Year competition. Plans are also well underway to engage with the 457 organisations accredited by RTITB to enable them to supply the SUMO Glove to their customers, which will allow many more employers to access the benefits of the glove as well as quality assured operator training.”

Health & Safety Executive workplace transport figures show UK accidents last year involving forklift trucks resulted in 6 deaths, 17 amputations and 7,132 injuries causing over 7 days’ absence from work. Only 47% of accidents at work get reported, but of those that reported last year, 32% involved forklifts. This unacceptably high level of incidents ensures forklift safety is high on the UK government’s agenda, and Sumo Glove will shortly take part in Britain’s biggest ever forklift accident research programme, to be held at the Health & Safety Laboratory in Buxton, Derbyshire.

“The HSL study will evaluate the damage done in such events and the contribution Sumo Glove can make to minimise it, which is a major step for us,” says Simon Ross. “But not only that, it will open the door for us to have conversations with the insurance companies regarding the consequences for liability for businesses using forklifts, which will add to the already compelling case for fitting Sumo Glove to Britain’s forklifts.”

Sumo Glove

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Simon Ross 07833 323 775

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