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Secure protection for packaging in optimum temperature environments is of vital importance to manufacturers. If left unprotected in a hot or cold environment, perishable goods are at risk of becoming infected by harmful bacteria and substances. With dairy products, for example, an unsealed box or lapse in temperature regulation could play a significant factor on freshness and quality.

With a strong adhesive backing of PP film, a natural rubber adhesive and a tensile strength of 43 N/cm, tesa® 4089 maintains the stable sealing of boxes in warehouse and coldstorage depots in temperatures ranging from -40 to +40°C. These tapes provide a consistent and reliable bond via manual or automatic application, guaranteeing appropriate protection for temperature sensitive products such as frozen and chilled food items.

General purpose tapes are susceptible to popping or cracking in harsh conditions, causing boxes to open and contents to become exposed to storage conditions. Selecting the correct tape eliminates the possibility of environmental performance failure and represents a considerable long-term financial saving.

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