Alongside the Sunday roast, few foods are as quintessentially English as fish and chips, which has been a staple part of any seaside trip for decades. But food procurement specialists the Regency Purchasing Group, has warned that not only is the firm family favourite in danger of being priced off the nation’s menus, but it could disappear altogether by 2050. Between now and then, the cost of cod and chips could soar so much that the traditional dish becomes out of reach for all but the wealthier diners.

Rising global temperatures are reducing oxygen in the oceans, which is having a significant effect on larger marine species, including cod and haddock. The Regency Group, based in the seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare – which has its fair share of fish and chip outlets – says nearly three quarters of its base membership has been forced to increase their fish and chip price so far this year.

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