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How Sales Intelligence will help you avoid the ‘Silo’ effect in your sales operation

It’s too easy for businesses to take the slippery slope to ‘silo’ working – we’ve all seen the scenario, where members of a sales team (or even separate teams within an organisation) all have a direct working relationship with your customer, but each one seems to work in isolation. It’s not helpful when building successful customer relationships nor does it promote efficiency within your business as ‘silo’ working often results in contact with customers without referring to or checking with colleagues for critical updates or information.

It’s a challenge facing many businesses – could it apply to yours?

Why not up the ante? Eliminate the ‘silo’ working environments and connect your teams by introducing Vecta’s Sales Intelligence technology.  It really is designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, you could manage all of the above and drive increased sales results at the same time.

Using a combination of award winning powerful sales analytics and CRM you can quickly equip every member of your Management, Sales and Marketing teams with an instant, precise overview of every customer transaction and activity from every angle. Identify at a glance where your marketing promotions are needed and respond immediately; pinpoint where product buying gaps are occurring and alert your team to react.


Have you ever been in the situation where you could see a customers’ turnover reducing but couldn’t isolate how or where it was happening? Vecta is the answer.

Providing that vital central touch point also enables the relevant people from Sales Directors and Managers through to the team taking the calls, to access detailed information relating to buying patterns, customer communications, margins and even emphasises hidden potential link-sell opportunities.

Used by market leading wholesale and distribution businesses across Europe, Vecta is used by mobile and in-house sales teams, telesales, territory Managers and Directors to drive increased margins, profitability and overall results by over 30%.

Recent feedback from a Vecta customer, a well-known Food Service distributor explained how Vecta has helped their sales teams on a day-to-day basis:

‘Since introducing Vecta our sales team motivation levels are better than ever before and great results are being achieved. Sales call productivity has increased by 20% and each call is more effective as the team go into the calls highly prepared with valid and accurate information about each customer and their buying patterns making every sales call count; all attributable to Vecta’.


The headline statement at the top of the page is also a quote from a satisfied Vecta customer, here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits they have experienced using Vecta throughout the organisation:

• Effective team, branch, customer and product performance management

• Exceptional sales management insight and control

• Instant and direct access to Target Projections and Sales Results

• Actionable, easy-to-interpret sales information

• Automatic alerts to opportunities, spend gaps and attrition

• Optimised repeat sales potential

• Sales communications, analysis, reporting and positive sales action at the touch of a button

• Maximise the share of each customers’ spend

• Easy measurement and tracking of your sales potential ‘versus’ actual sales.

• Intuitive, powerful, effective and simple to use…

Vecta enables you to keep a ‘virtual’ finger on the pulse of your sales operation.

Another Vecta customer, undoubtedly one of Europe’s most prominent distributors of paper and packaging solutions, explained how they are able to achieve ongoing Customer Excellence as Vecta gives them with an in-depth appreciation of their customers and their needs helping them to anticipate future requirements. They said: ‘Vecta drives a pro-active approach to sales and enables us to protect and win business putting us in the enviable position of maximising every customer conversation at the same time adding value to our clients’ business’.

IMG_0607-Dom1[4]Vecta is part of the EDP Plc family, a software developer with over 50 years’ experience, expertise and understanding of the challenges facing the Wholesale and Distribution sectors.

Why not take a look at the Vecta Video and find out how Pete increased his sales results using Vecta? Visit: http://bit.ly/VectaWholesaleManagerVideoLinkOct2015

Or to find out more about Sales Intelligence download the Vecta white paper: http://bit.ly/VectaWholesaleManagerWhitePaperLinkOct2015

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