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New data from Bestway Wholesale has revealed that over 72% of consumers are likely to turn to their local convenience store to pick up shopping items they have either forgotten, or run out of, over the Easter period – with 57% saying they would rely on their local convenience store to top up their liquid (soft drinks / alcohol) refreshments for a family gathering over this holiday period.

And as the multiples operate on reduced opening hours over the holiday period, Bestway Wholesale says Easter Sunday in particular, provides a strong opportunity for the Convenience channel to evidence its value to the consumer, enabling people to quickly replenish the essential store cupboard products they may urgently need.

With over half of the 2,000 responders (52%) saying they would shop in their local convenience store at least once a week, Bestway Wholesale says that its data shows that staple groceries are the most popular items for consumers to purchase, with 60% of responders indicating they are most likely to buy daily commodities such as bread, milk, butter and eggs, followed by 45% buying confectionery and 31%, soft drinks.

The group remains the largest independent wholesaler in the UK, serving around 40,000 retailers nationwide across its retail estate of symbol stores, franchisees and members of its retail club, with fascias including best-one, Bargain Booze, Wine Rack and Xtra Local.

Paul Adams, Head of Sales & Development for best-one, says: “This new survey reinforces the importance of local convenience stores as the nation’s go-to ‘port-of-call’ for essential, or forgotten, shopping items, especially over Bank Holidays and family occasions where the multiples may be operating on reduced opening times, or where saving time takes priority.

“We supply a vast array of products within our ranges including traditional Easter favorites such as Easter eggs and hot cross buns and traditional roast dinner essentials such as Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes and accompaniments such as mint sauce, horseradish sauce, gravy and of course, chilled and frozen desserts as well as the all-important day-to-day essentials such as tea, coffee, bread and cereals that are store-cupboard staples in any home.”

“The advice we give our retailers is to make sure that over the Easter period, you are well stocked up on daily essentials as well as the soft drinks and alcohol categories, as Easter is a traditional family occasion where items may have been forgotten, or cupboards are just running low. This data we have obtained has reinforced that Easter is a peak time for convenience, providing a great opportunity for retailers”.

The survey, commissioned March 15 2019 by Bestway Wholesale, was conducted across a sample of over 2,000 people.

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