dsc00961.jpgThe virtually silent Micro by Edmolift replaces the need for ladders, steps and kick stools. This easy to use, safe and secure lift platform is ready to use in an instant. Meet your legislative obligations with Micro. Working at height couldn’t be simpler or safer!

Accessing all overhead work can now be done at the touch of a button. Point of sale, cleaning, display work, lighting, repair and maintenance are just a few of the tasks that can be easily achieved in complete safety with the Micro even in the most confined working areas.

The general form, finish and functionality of the Micro is intended to work well within retail, office environments, hotels, restaurants and bars, museums and galleries, education, healthcare, leisure facilities and other public places. A less industrial, more sympathetic appearance is critical in these environments. It is important that the product blends well into its working surroundings rather than stands out and feels obstructive and obtrusive in these design and style conscious locations.

Edmolift UK Ltd
Darren Papani
Tel: 01440 730640

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