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Regulations in Europe vary – check before you go.

chazCase packed, passport in hand, Euros in purse/pocket – ready to go! The big question now for many smokers who have made the switch is do they take tobacco cigarettes abroad, nicotine replacement patches or can they take their electronic cigarettes on holiday with them?

Policies about using electronic cigarettes and whether this can be done in public vary from country to country and with the school holiday season in swing many families are focused on getting away rather then checking the regulations.

Looking at the regulations for some of most popular European family holiday destinations – Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Greece, it is acceptable to e-smoke here! And with 29% of Brits* planning on staying in the UK you will be pleased to know its completely legal and permitted in all locations in the UK.

Note though if you are travelling to Turkey, Sweden, Belguim, Austria, Denmark or Norway, they have issued outright bans! There are strict laws on all types of smoking in these countries already and as e-cigs are now being considered as an alternative to smoking, they are not sure where the product sits and they are currently banned.

Then to the question what about airlines policies? Many airlines enforce their own regulations on the use of e-cigs and e-smoking/vaping on board, so it is best to check with them directly before checking in.

To help make packing simple, Liberro electronic cigarettes have just announced the launch of their new Go multipack. The multipack contains 25 individually packaged disposable e-cigs. Each e-cig will last about the same time as a packet of 20 tobacco cigarettes.

These one-piece e-cigs are suitable for beach holidays, walking in the countryside and camping. The Go is about the same size as a traditional cigarette so take up less space in hand luggage and are ideal for holidays as there is no need to pack chargers and bottles of liquid.

Emma Christou, MD of Liberro electronic cigarettes comments: “We agree, it is confusing about the regulations as each countries policies vary, so if in doubt we would always advise that you check before you go about the country regulations and the airline policy. We have never had any problems packing e-cigs in our hand-luggage but in our experience we have not be able to e-smoke them on the plane yet.”

“If you are taking liquids in hand luggage then these need to go in a plastic bag and be in bottles under 100ml. We sell a range of small plastic bottles for this purpose – it’s easier to carry and shows just how much liquid you need and safer than packing glass bottles.”

“The Liberro Go Multipack has been a great success and we believe this is because it’s convenient, disposable, easy-to-use and easy-to-pack, as well as being good value. A Go Multipack of 25 e-cigs saves about £75 against 25 packs of 20 cigarettes and it is a healthier alternative to tobacco. This falls with the trend of consumers looking for good value in their holidays, as predicted in the ABTA Travel Trends 2013 report launched earlier this year.”

*Money Supermarket Travel Trends Tracker 2013

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