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ht-range-retouchedInnovative thinking has long characterised the UK adult soft drinks category and is one reason why it continues to perform so well. This, allied to the fact that healthier drinks with the emphasis on natural ingredients continue to find favour with consumers is very good news for Thorncroft Drinks, whose stylishly revamped and extended Healthy Thirst adult soft drinks range now clearly flags its new “no added sugar” credentials on glamorous metallic neck collars.

Developed with ingredient integrity and achieving the best possible taste in mind, Healthy Thirst has been formulated to enable consumers to slake their thirst healthily, naturally and enjoyably.

Managing Director David Price explains: “In the general market place “no added sugar” can often mean “with artificial sweeteners”, but Thorncroft use only natural fruit juices to sweeten their award winning drinks, to provide a healthier option with authentic thirst-slaking qualities. As if that were not enough of a USP, we have added three new drinks to an already distinctive range that really do bring something entirely new to the market:

Orchard Cola a natural, botanical far from ordinary take on standard formulated cola. It has the delightfully round taste with the distinctiveness that attracts many to colas, allied to luscious fruitiness, pleasing mouth-feel – and no added sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Cloudy Lemonade is closer to that hand-made at home, wholesome drink of past times than the lack-lustre ubiquitous mass market lemonade – but without the sugar.

Zesty Orange puts ordinary fizzy orange drinks in the shade with its luscious Brazilian orange zestiness.

In the end, Thorncroft’s philosophy is simple and has not changed since the first Elderflower cordial, based on Grandma Phylillis’s mouthwatering recipe emerged from Thorncroft Vineyard in Leatherhead and starting winning accolades for Guy and Sheila Woodall. It could be summed up as – Never compromise. Put taste at the top of your list and seek out and use only the best quality ingredients and, wherever possible, keep it natural.

It is a message that increasingly resonanates with well informed consumers, who are prepared to pay a premium for authentic, natural drinks that deliver on quality and taste aspirations.”

Thorncroft Healthy Thirst range is available in 330ml premium glass bottles:

Elderflower – only the petals of fresh wild elderflower

Apple Dandelion and Burdock – the classic herbal detox drink

Pink Ginger – the clear refreshing taste of fresh ginger

Cranberry and Hibiscus – A refreshing fusion of berries and flowers

Orchard Cola – lusciously fruit botanical cola

Zesty Orange – luscious Brazilian orange refresher

Cloudy Lemonade – bursting with the zest of Sicilian lemons

Thorncroft Drinks
Tel: 01642 791792

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  1. margaret gudgin

    please could you advise me as to where i may purchase your rosehip cordial my post code is bd17 6qs

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