farm-days.jpgFresh Rewards, the Cheshire-based travel, leisure and lifestyle specialist, has created a new product to add to its ever-increasing portfolio of successful child-orientated incentives – Kids Free Days Out to Farms. This topical incentive gives children the opportunity to visit working farms located throughout the UK and experience life on a farm for free. Activities vary at each farm but will include feeding the animals, small animal petting, tractor and trailer rides and nature walks – there’s something for everyone and a great family day out that is both entertaining and educational is guaranteed!

Commented Peter Pantelides, Director: “Whilst the average 8 year old is technology savvy recent research has found that there is still a need to educate children about the origin of their food.

“As part of their ‘Grass is Greener’ campaign the Dairy Farmers of Britain found that a worrying 11% of 8 year olds didn’t know where pork chops came from and 18% had no idea where yogurt came from!

“That said, with growing concerns about climate change raising awareness of food miles and the ‘Jamie Oliver effect,’ consumers are now reconnecting with the food chain and traceability is the new buzz word with regard to food.

“Recognising this groundswell of interest in the good life but also appreciating the paradox that many children are still failing to make basic connections with the food chain we created this Kids Free Days Out to Farms incentive to enable children to see first hand where their food comes from and interact with animals and the land in a fun and informative day out.

“Kids Free Days Out to Farms is perfect for child-related goods and services – particularly where there is a synergy between the incentive, the product and the target audience – such as healthy children’s breakfast cereals. We have only just launched this product but it is already generating a lot of interest so we are anticipating that this will become a popular incentive with both clients and their customers.”

This incentive can be used by itself or combined with complementary prize draws such as ‘Win a birthday party on a farm’ or ‘Be a farmer for a day’ with all those who enter able to claim a Kids Free Days Out to Farms voucher. It can also be combined with other Fresh Rewards’ kids related incentives such as Kids Eat Free and Kids Swim Free to give a bumper value incentive package.

As with all Fresh Rewards incentives this Kids Free Days Out to Farms offer can utilise a number of different delivery mechanics including on-line and paper and can incorporate brand logos and designs, as required.

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