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till-guard-ats.jpgBritish company helps prevent smash and grab high street robbers. Small traders dealing in cash are being subjected to increased levels of attack and robbery as thieves target the cash till. Anglo-Tech Services believes it has a few solutions to making small shops and any business that deals in cash more secure by helping to foil the smash and grabbers.

Anti-snatch till guards, till area screens and under-the-counter till safes have all proven to be successful in deterring attacks and attemped robbery particularly from random or  opportunist thieves who will be unable easily to dip into the till, steal the cash and run.

“Till guards and screens are virtually indestructible,” says Anglo-Tech’s David Critchley, “and no potential robber is going to waste a second more than they have to before snatching the cash from the till.”

Under-the-counter till safes allow the trader to drop surplus notes into a slot, push a lever and place the money out of sight. They can only be opened by a special key which can be kept away from the till – all requiring the thief to hang around longer than they would like.
Anglo-Tech Services also supply a range of cash counting machines, enabling you to quickly count the day’s takings and get the cash back in the safe and away from any theft.

Anglo-Tech Services Ltd is a British company based in Somerset.

Anglo-Tech Services Ltd

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