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bart_1073-0078With new trends continually emerging in the ethnic cuisine market Bart Spices is able to offer a wider range of products, as consumers are more willing to try new flavours and dishes.

The current most popular ethnic cuisines in the UK market include Indian, Mexican and Thai. These key sectors still provide the main opportunities for Bart in terms of market share growth. However with South American, Asian and North Africa seen as the next emerging markets, Bart can find new opportunities to grow and expand.

There are a number of reasons why the ethnic food market is steadily growing. Bart Spices believes that increased travel has resulted in consumers wanting to try different cuisines in their own homes. The increase in numbers of people settling in the UK from overseas has also proved a stimulus for existing and new ethnic food trends.

NPD work continues to be one of the main drivers of sales in the ethnic foods market, and with Bart at the cutting edge of NPD, it is able to set itself apart from competitors.

But is continually watching the market and trying to pinpoint the next food trend. The industry is changing all the time and retailers need to be ready.

Bart Spices was the first to launch Kaffir Lime Leaves nearly fifteen years ago; now they are a popular ingredient with many scratch cooks.

Bart was also the first company to popularise Thai Green Curry Paste in the UK. When this launched it was seen as an exotic product, but with the Bart name on it quickly became established as a firm household favourite.

Bart has also teamed up with Veeraswamy and Las Iguanas restaurants to launch dual branded products that are of the highest authenticity. As people travel more and experience different cultures, they are looking for products as near to the real thing as possible.

Garlic in Sunflower Oil is Bart’s best selling product.  This can be used in a wide range of cuisines including Indian, South American and Thai. Harissa is another firm favourite originating from North Africa.  Ras el Hanout was launched by Bart in 2007.  This North African spice blend has proved to be a major success in the ethnic seasoning market.

2009 saw the launch of Bart Zatar Seasoning, Berbere Seasoning and Sumac. These new products all originate from the Middle East/North African region. With cuisines from this region becoming ever more popular, the call for such products will steadily grow.

Zatar is often found in Turkish and Jordanian cuisine. It contains thyme, sesame seeds and sumac. This seasoning gives a distinctive zesty herb flavour.

Berbere is a North African spice mix containing chilli, ginger, cloves and allspice. It gives a coarse, earthy texture and spicy flavour.

Sumac is essential in Middle Eastern cooking as it gives the characteristic tangy, sweet and sour flavour.

Bart works closely with recipe writers to give consumers different ideas of usage for its more unusual products. There are over 600 recipes on the website and Bart put recipes on the side of each of their jars.

Bart updates key food writers each month on any new products or news they have.

Bart Spices Ltd

Tel: 0117 977 3474

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