Apex-Stock-1As more and more businesses look to cut costs and find new ways of being more efficient, Phil Oxley believes second-hand pallet racking is now considered as a viable, and sometimes the smarter option.


In today’s increasing competitive economic times, handling and distribution companies are putting more of an emphasis on the bottom-line when purchasing their pallet racking. With this in mind, many of them are starting to turn to second-hand pallet racking. One company that seems to be benefiting from this trend is J&M Storage Systems, a family-run business with over 25 years proven track record in the industry.

Quality Assured

Dexion-StockJ&M Storage Systems is considered as the market leader in quality used pallet racking, drive in racking and steel shelving. The company prides itself in supplying only the highest quality used racking from leading manufacturers which includes Link 51 (the most widely used system in UK warehouses), Apex, Dexion and Redirack. When the used pallet racking arrives at J&M Storage System’s 80,000sq ft warehouse in Yorkshire, they are put through strict quality control and ensure that they are re-sold in excellent condition.

Unbeatable Prices

Being one of the UK’s largest distributors of storage equipment, J&M Storage Systems has a comprehensive range of accessories and spares to meet your pallet racking requirements. The wide range of frame and beam sizes available means that the products can be configured to meet precise load weights, accessibility, handling and space.

J&M Storage Systems is also able to offer more competitive prices, sometimes less than half of the cost if bought new, which means buyers are able to manage their profit margins more efficiently. And over the years, this has helped save thousands of pounds for J&M Storage Systems’ trade customers, as well as winning orders.

Smarter Choice

Apex-Beam-PileThough price is a strong factor in the buying decision process, J&M Storage Systems also considers added value as being important. As well as offering some of the most competitive prices around, J&M Storage Systems works to a 7-10 day delivery to anywhere in the UK and Ireland. And all products are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

J&M Storage Systems also buys redundant pallet racking from warehouse clearances, companies that are relocating or are closing down. All in all, J&M Storage Systems, with the best range of discounted storage equipment under one roof, is simply unbeatable.

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