Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll Hi-Speed Doors, has completed a major installation at The Co-operative’s new Scottish Distribution Centre in Newhouse.

The 23-door project follows the installation of a number of Union’s Eiger freezer doors at Co-op’s distribution centre in Birtley, County Durham in 2009.

This has also led to Union being engaged by Co-op to design, manufacture, install and maintain a further 24 doors at its new Distribution Centre in Andover, Hampshire, which has just finished being constructed and goes ‘live’ mid-2011.

At the 503,577 sq ft centre near Motherwell, Union has installed 7 Eiger Doors in the freezers and 16 Bulldoors in the ambient and chilled areas.

The majority of the fast-acting doors are 5.5 metres high and 3 metres wide to accommodate Co-op’s fleet of high-reach trucks transporting products around the centre.

Union’s rapid roll Eiger Door provides a superior alternative to the traditional sliding insulated type doors and also various other types of fast acting freezer doors that are appearing on the market to try and compete with the Eiger.

After opening at approximately 1.6 metres per second, Eiger Door closes automatically after a short dwell time which allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising the freezer temperature. Warm air ingress into the freezer is drastically reduced so the normal build up of ice and frost around the doorway is prevented, meaning the Co-op will benefit from the energy saving aspects of Eiger Door.


It is the only industrial freezer door that incorporates a proven bottom beam ‘Crash-Out’ device, which features across all of Union’s range of heavy duty doors. This system minimises the effect of impact damage usually caused by forklift trucks and is supported by an ‘Auto-Reset’ facility allowing the door to continue working following impact, which ensures the freezer’s operation remains uninterrupted.

Two of the Bulldoor Hi-Speed Doors on site are free-standing and self-supported by a specially-designed steel-braced frame that has been fitted into an internal security fence in a high-value goods area. Co-op colleagues enter through the doors via a swipe-card system which gives restricted access into the secure area.

Russell Young, National Building Manager from Co-op, said: “We have been impressed with the quality of manufacture and reliability of Union’s range of doors, and have specified them in another of our new-build distribution operations. It is important to avoid major down-time and productivity interruptions, which can be caused by vehicle damage to doors and can be common with lower cost doors. Union’s doors, however, require minimal maintenance and provide innovative impact solutions.”

Alan Hirst, Union Industries’ Sales Director, said: “Our range of industrial rapid roll doors are becoming increasing visible at blue chip companies operating large-scale warehousing and distribution operations. The projects we have won with the Co-op demonstrate the excellent reputation our doors have established across a number of industrial sectors for their quality, reliability, efficiency and innovation.”

Union Industries

Tel: 0113 244 8393

Email: enquiries@unionindustries.co.uk


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