Vickers Energy Group has been working with wholesalers in the UK for over 20 years and has helped its customers save thousands of pounds when it comes to their energy consumption and bills. Part of the work also includes an education campaign where its clients understand that maintaining an efficient energy system is actually a lot easier than it seems.


The team at Vickers knows how complex it can be maintaining wholesale warehouse heating systems and ensuring that different zones are maintained at different temperatures – you may store chilled food in one area while within the offices staff will require a more comfortable environment. It designs, manufactures, installs and maintains advanced energy management systems that will revolutionise energy consumption, save money and improve environmental rankings.

We recently carried out a survey amongst small businesses and found that almost half of British SMEs admit to not allocating enough cash reserves to pay their energy bills. It also found that nearly three quarters of businesses are familiar with ‘bill shock’ during the energy heavy autumn/winter months. Despite this half are put off examining their energy consumption. Firms also reported that they spend too much of their budgets on fuel and over half say it is higher than they would like and, if they knew how to reduce it, over 86% would put a plan into place to cut costs.

If the findings apply to you and your business then now is the time to act.

David Hilton from Vickers said: “Cutting down on energy consumption is hugely important for the wholesale sector – we can help other businesses achieve this and make a positive impact on the company’s finances, as well as its social responsibility.”

Vickers was recently honoured as an ‘International Green World Ambassador’ as a result of the environmental success of its Energy Management Project that won a Green Apple Environment Award from The Green Organisation.

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