TruSortVolumatic has launched its new low cost coin sorting machine TruSort for use in the retail market and other applications that require coin sorting and counting, such as vending machines and car parks. The counting machine can rapidly speed up the counting process, saving valuable time and sorting coins into allocated quantities that can be bagged for transport.

TruSort is fully automated and able to count and sort 216 coins per minute. Users have the choice of setting the machine to ‘free count’ or alternatively ‘batch count’ which uses preset bag quantities to sort the coins into groups. Eight feed hoppers can hold up to 500 coins that filter through to a receiving tray and the machine displays the total for each denomination counted.

TruSort provides an automated and accurate way of counting and sorting coins which can remove the human error from a necessary, routine task and save valuable time. For more information about TruSort, please visit the company website at, or call +44 (0)24 7668 4217.

Volumatic designs and manufactures a range of cash counters, sorters and transport and storage products for retail, banking and the public service sector.

Volumatic Ltd

Graham Jackson

Tel: 024 7668 4217


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