Environmental monitoring for food and drink products is essential to ensure that temperatures are accurately maintained at specified levels and recorded for ongoing verification.


Temperature monitoring during storage and transport may be governed by specific regulations, including HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) controls, Food Hygiene Regulations, European Union QFF (quickfrozen foodstuffs) Regulations and BS EN 12830 standards.

Using data loggers for temperature monitoring Monitoring with Tinytag data loggers provides a flexible and easy to use solution.

Tinytags are able to measure small changes in temperature, and loggers with external probes are available to provide monitoring in hard to reach areas, fridges and freezers.

Alarm warnings can be vital for cold chain logistics, and Tinytags have an alarm which will activate if conditions fall outside a user-defined range.

Tinytag Explorer software presents the recorded data initially in graphs and tables which can easily be printed, copied and pasted, or exported into popular software packages. Standalone temperature data loggers

Standalone loggers record data which is downloaded via a USB cable to a PC for analysis. They are ideal for initial warehouse temperature mapping: they can be left to record in particular areas then moved as required, and the recorded data used to provide an overall profile of environmental conditions throughout a facility. The Tinytag View 2 and Transit 2 temperature loggers are BS EN 12830 compliant to meet the demands of European legislation for frozen and chilled foods storage and transportation.

Radio Data Loggers The Tinytag Radio Data Logging System is ideal for warehouses with multiple monitoring points, or those requiring immediate central access to readings. Radio loggers collect data automatically using wireless communications, and work together to send information via a receiver for viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet. Radio loggers can be left to record in inaccessible areas or at height, for example, without having to access them to manually download data.

Energy efficiency

Balancing the energyintensive requirements of perishable goods and trying to reduce power usage can be achieved by closely monitoring consumption. The Tinytag Energy data logger is ideal for evaluating before and after conditions in lighting and heating system replacement projects, as well as for providing information about the amount of energy used in a facility.

Established in 1984, Gemini Data Loggers manufactures Tinytags in the UK and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors.

Tel: 01243 813000

Email: info@tinytag.info


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