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Wham, the original tongue-tingling chew bar from the 1980s, which was brought back with a bang last year thanks to Tangerine Confectionery, is now bringing the tongue-tingling flavour to consumers in a way it never has before. Wham Rocket has been cleared for take-off, and is available to retailers now.

The iconic elements of Wham bar, such as the  original raspberry flavour and colourful sugar crystals, have been spectacularly combined in sour sherbet, all eaten with a raspberry flavour foam dipping stick. Wham Rocket gives consumers a futuristic and unique way to enjoy the much-loved flavours, bringing elements of the 80’s Wham bar to life in a 21st century sherbet product.

This new addition to the Wham range will offer a must-stock for any Kids Singles fixture. The Rocket comes at a time when the sours market is showing great growth at t 15 per cent year on year (YOY). Popularity of sherbet formats is also evident with much-loved products such as Barratt Sherbet Dip Dab  and Sherbet Fountain in growth 10% year on year (YOY)*.

Helen Hartley, Group Marketing Manager at Tangerine Confectionery, commented: “Wham Rocket in a unique product offering, combining sour flavours with foam and sherbet. The new product innovation and extension to the Wham brand provides the perfect solution for retailers looking to tap into the significant growth in these formats.

“By taking the original tongue tingling chew bar flavour and infusing it into sherbet, we have given Wham a great new twist. It is an exciting, new and unique branded product. The launch of the Rocket capitalises on the notable consumer love for the Wham brand, whilst also drawing upon the popular ‘dipping’ format of other sherbet based products, but with a modern flavour delivery and true kid appeal!”

Fans of the original tongue-tingling treat won’t be disappointed – the new Wham Rocket format is making its debut with its signature raspberry flavour, speckled with colourful sugar crystals and a sour blast! The new Wham Rocket delights new and old fans alike.

The launch is supported by a marketing campaign, including PR and social media activity. Wham Rocket is available to retailers, with an RRP of 45 pence.

* IRI Grocery Impulse Outlets 52 w/e 1st September 2012

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