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As our reliance on ecommerce grows, high quality product information is an essential asset for wholesalers, key to increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. But the amount of information needed is growing too, including descriptions, product attributes, categories, images, datasheets and videos.

Andy Pratt at Business Computer Projects outlines how a Product Information Management (PIM) system like BCP’s Oporteo PIM helps manage and maintain product data, to retain existing customers and attract new ones:

“Customers’ purchasing decisions rely on the amount and quality of information available. Ensure you are the go-to supplier by providing consistent, relevant product information across your sales channels. The first step is to consolidate everything into a central repository like Oporteo PIM, and create data fields to hold a wide range of product information without the restraints of your ERP system.”

Over 20% of ecommerce returns happen because customers receive products that aren’t as expected. Oporteo PIM makes it easy to update product images, descriptions and attributes. It also enables suppliers to undertake product data entry, increasing accuracy and reducing errors.

Oporteo PIM gives sales and customer service teams access to a single source of reliable information, enabling them to service customers better and faster and upsell and crosssell products.

Not all product information is necessary or appropriate for every sales channel. Oporteo PIM also enables users to distinguish channels and publish relevant product details.

To find out more about Oporteo PIM, contact Andy Pratt on 0161 355 3000, email or visit

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