Welcome to the Winter 2014 issue of Wholesale Manager


Happy New Year, and welcome to the Winter Wholesale Manager. As 2013 turns into 2014, we hope you’ve had the chance to grab a break from your business during the holiday season, and are fit and ready for the year ahead.

New Year is a time for making changes and resolutions. From here on, instead of being quarterly, Wholesale Manager will be published every two months. The next issue will be mailed in February.

Meanwhile in these pages we have features on Snacking and The Warehouse, key areas in every cash ‘n’ carry and delivered wholesale business. And as always we have a host of stories from the industry, and the latest news from suppliers.

As reported on our front cover, with more mainstream shoppers turning to world foods prompted by Jamie Oliver and others whose recipes feature these exciting tastes and flavours, Tropical Sun Foods is going all out to ensure retailers are engaged and encourage their shoppers to shop the world foods category for a taste of the tropics. Tropical Sun launched its first TV campaign in November. Part of its biggest ever marketing investment, the campaign has been running across a number of popular ethnic TV channels targeting audiences including African, Caribbean and Asian, focusing on the brand’s table sauces. The TV blitz is amplified with billboards in London, Birmingham and Manchester plus ads on London buses and in underground stations.

Emphasising the Warehouse’s importance, our other cover story is the new Hawker® BSI40™ battery status indicator, Enersys’s latest battery rotation system, a cost-effective solution to manage battery fleets for warehouse trucks and other mechanical handling equipment.

Turning to our features, Snacking is a mainstay of the independent retailer’s livelihood, and big business for pubs and independent caterers. The major snack brands are in the grocery Premiership, with a host of innovative contenders jostling below them, together offering a major opportunity for wholesalers and cash ‘n’ carries to capitalise on snacking’s continuing growth. – See page 14-15

Our Warehouse section takes a look at the engine room powering every wholesale business. As the economy picks up, reducing operating costs is a sure way for wholesalers and cash ‘n’ carries to enhance profitability. And one of the most effective ways to boost profitability further is to improve your warehouse operations’ efficiency with the help of the equipment suppliers. – See page 18-22

Happy reading, and see you again in February for our first bi-monthly issue.

James Surridge,

Publishing Editor


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