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scallop-carton-for-press-r.jpgYoung’s, the seafood producer, has designed a new scallop-edged carton for its range of frozen fish in sauce. The copyright-protected packaging design, conceived in-house by Vanessa Borrill, uses the structure to help consumers more easily identify products in supermarket refrigeration units. The latest European report ‘the effect of packaging on brand recognition’, commissioned by Pro Carton (Association of European cartonboard and carton manufacturers) found cartons offer a distinct advantage in getting products recognised and increase the likelihood of being purchased.

On a product and brand level, recognisability of cartonboard packaging was higher. The study also found that in general, cartons have a higher likeability rating than other formats, due to appealing colours and print effects, making the packaging more eye-catching and recognisable.
Young’s used recycled board for the carton, and added a “slimming scallop” on the front edge, which created an extra panel on which the firm could print a message about the product’s healthy benefits.

The Grimsby-based firm said the scallop-edge gave each pack a “new dimension on shelf” and moved away from the traditional flat presentation.

Young’s packaging technologist Einar Olgeirsson said: “The greatest challenge was striking a balance between what we could do with our machinery and getting the greatest impact out of the design.”
He said the firm was also considering using this carton design on other Young’s products.

The cartons will be available in Morrisons and on promotion in Tesco.

Pro Carton
Tel: 01371 856 577

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