With Pokémon fever gripping the nation, consumer tech manufacturer VARTA is reminding all budding gym owners to keep their phones charged up while on the go. With Pokémon potentially hiding around every street corner, you never know when you might need to power up and release a Poké Ball to catch the extra rare Raichu, Poliwrath or Electabuzz.


To keep your Pokémon hunting technology fully charged when ‘off grid’, VARTA’s new portable power banks are ideal. Available in a range of five colours (black, white, grey, mint and coral), the Portable Powerpack 2,600 is a pocket-sized source of power for your phone.

Available from just £7.99, you can co-ordinate your colour with your favourite Pokémon.

For dedicated Pokémon trainers, VARTA has also introduced the new Family Powerpack range. These big capacity chargers boast two USB ports: 1.0A for charging small items like phones and MP3 players and also a faster 2.4A port which can charge more powerful tech like tablets.

VARTA’s most powerful chargers to date, the sleek grey and white Family Powerpacks come in at a massive 6,000mAh, 10,400mAh and 16,000mAh battery capacity; the last of which can provide up to six full smartphone charges.


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