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glass-design“The Secret is Out” will be the headline for Yumberry UK at the IFE show this year as they are set to launch two new products at the show. As their director Alan Leal explains, “For 5,000 years now the yang mei fruit has been consumed in China. Chinese poets have waxed lyrical about the fruit for over 2,000 years, and it has been included in the greatest literary masterpiece of Chinese medicine, the Ben Cao Gang Mu.  However it has evaded the attention of the West until now. Even when some companies have started using it in their drinks they have not referred to the fruit by its proper name but instead by our brand name “Yumberry”. Whilst we are thrilled that our brand name has entered every day parlance like Hoover or Thermos, we are happy to reveal that the secret behind this name is the yang mei fruit.”

At the IFE Yumberry UK will be launching two products, firstly a 100% juice in 300ml glass bottles and secondly a 50% juice drink in 500ml glass bottle. The 300ml bottle is made from 100% yang mei juice and the 500ml bottle from 50% yang mei juice with added fructose and citric acid. Alan Leal explains: “The fruit is naturally sweet and flavourful, and we do not need to blend it with other juices to make it palatable. So where we say yang mei juice, that is all you get. With 100% of the fruit you get 100% of the goodness.

“In addition to its long history of use in Chinese medicine, yang mei juice has been shown to contain ellagic acid, quercetin, oligomeric pro-anthocyanadins, selenium amongst others. So it doesn’t just taste good – it does you good as well.”

For the IFE show Yumberry UK have imported an authentic Chinese drum and ask anyone who enjoys their juice to bang the drum on their behalf. They will be presenting on stand number S4606 in the drinks section.

Yumberry UK
Tel: 01604 626027

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