Brakes offers fast profit from slow cook

Brakes is offering a quick solution to slow-cooked food with its Slow Cooked Bone Marrow, taking away all the time intensive preparation and labour cost associated with slow-cooked meat.

The individual portions of pre-prepared bone marrow come frozen and thaw in an hour, ready to be cooked for a further four hours in the bag sous-vide at 60°. Once cooked, the marrow can be served just as it is as a side or starter, or can be complemented by meats such as pulled pork for a more substantial meal.

Having a range of slow-cooked products on hand in the freezer offers caterers the opportunity to customise dishes with or without skilled staff, creating a premium dish that can boost profit. The marrow has a minimum 18-month shelf-life frozen and comes in cases of 6 x 4 bones, yielding 24 portions per pack. List price subject to the customer’s agreed discount is £42.49 per case.

For more information on the Slow Cooked Bone Marrow, or other products in the extensive Brakes range, visit or call 0345 606 9090.