Capitalise on New Year’s Resolutions From snacking and confectionery to baked goods, California Raisins has the healthier answer

Some 60% of UK consumers make New Year’s resolutions and an increasing number choosing “a healthy lifestyle” as their key goal. As 2018 begins, manufacturers of baked and snack products could capitalise on this lifestyle shift.

This shift is coupled with research from the NPD Group, highlighting that snacking occasions are predicted to increase, replacing routine meal occasions by 12% by 2024. So, herein lies an opportunity for food producers to expand their range by offering healthier product options.

Could reviewing existing products to enhance flavour, add natural sweetness or help to reduce calories, make a difference? California Raisins could be the answer. As a trusted ingredient, California Raisins offer an excellent way of enhancing the range, in taste, quality and of course bringing in the healthy aspects too.

California Raisins are an all-natural product, nothing added, nothing taken away. They contain in abundance – vitamins, minerals*, fibre, and can offer sweetness to all types of products, from breakfast bars and cereals to cookies, snacks, and confectionery.

(* including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc as well as vitamins B1, B6, A, C, and E).

The California Raisin Administrative Committee know very well that the naturally occurring sugars in the raisins, mainly fructose and glucose (monosaccharides), can be used as a sugar replacement in many products. Clearly with the ever-increasing march towards healthy foods, less added sugar can only be good news.

Did you know?

Natural sugars play an important role in food, as well as bringing sweetness, they also bring taste, texture, colour and improve shelf-life.

So, start encouraging the New Year’s Resolutions now by enhancing products with California Raisins, to help give customers a kick-start for a healthier lifestyle in 2018.


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