Jakemans, one of the UK’s few centenarian brands

daves-jakemans-2.jpgFounded in Boston in 1907, Jakemans has built up an enviable reputation for its menthol sweets and currently produces over 100 million individual sweets per year. The traditional menthol sweet range – with its quintessentially Victorian packaging – gives a nod to the company’s rich heritage.

Jakemans uses only the finest ingredients to not only comfort, but to soothe. The hard part is choosing which of the delicious flavours to go for. Perhaps the most well-known Jakemans variety is the Throat & Chest: this boiled sweet with its distinctively traditional aniseed flavour will take you back to your childhood. Available in 100g bags, the menthol range also includes the following varieties:

  • Honey & Lemon Menthol which contains real honey
  • Cherry Menthol, perfect for those who prefer a fruity flavour
  • Menthol & Eucalyptus which is carefully blended with peppermint and lemon oil for an extra-strong sensation.

In early 2007 Jakemans was acquired by the family-run company LanesHealth, home to leading brands such as Olbas and Kalms. Since the acquisition, Jakemans – which continues to operate as a separate entity – has flourished: Staff numbers have increased by 60% and the company has secured new national accounts. In the second year of an ongoing national trade and consumer PR campaign, pharmacists are sure to benefit from all this support and the retailer demand it will generate by stocking up on this ‘functional confectionery’. RRP prices start at 69p for the traditional menthol range.

For more information please call Jakemans on 01205 460 888 or visit www.jakemans.com

Tel: 01205 460 888