Passion Shed packs new treats and bags national orders

Luxury nut brand Passion Shed is launching the perfect picnic filler this summer with a new collection of tasty treats with hidden indulgences.

Passion Shed, part of Trigon Snacks, is expanding its gourmet selection with new range Passion Shed Treats including yoghurt, chocolate and honey coated peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, seeds and berries.

These new bite size treats will be available in Waitrose by August and will cost £1.19 for 70g. The following flavours will be available:

• Yoghurt coated cranberries with jumbo flame raisins, redskin peanuts and nudie peanuts.

• Milk chocolate buttons, golden sultanas and crimson raisins with crunchy peanuts and hazelnuts and vanilla flavoured  roasted pumpkin seeds.

• Honey roasted almonds and juicy cherries with giant sultanas, flame raisins and more tasty almonds.

Passion Shed, which launched a re-brand of its three best-selling flavours last year, has also secured placement for its generic Passion Shed products.  Flavours Honey Heaven and High Seas will be stocked throughout the UK Tesco stores at £1.89 for 100g.

Passion Shed products are ideal for hotels, delis, farm shops, independents and any other locations seeking luxury branded snacks, and can also be bought directly by Passion Shed.

Passion Shed

Tel: 0800 021707