afs-logo.jpgBritish Turkey is capitalising on the success of the Government’s catchy fruit and veg campaign by urging consumers to eat 5-a-day plus turkey. An ambitious marketing campaign will encourage consumers to add a portion of one of the healthiest meats to their daily quota of vegetables. Says British Turkey spokesman Catriona Lee: “We will be aiming to reach more than 50m consumers directly, through the media, via in-store communications and online activity. We will be giving them ideas for meals, including all their shopping needs, plus hints and tips on how to make their lives easier, whether they are busy mums who need to come up with appetising family meals every day of the week, or people who want to impress when they are entertaining.”

An important part of the campaign will target children, with recipes to cook with their mums, games to play, plus their own club to join. Says Lee: “We know that if we give children the essential cooking skills they need when they are young they are more likely to embrace a healthier eating lifestyle when they are adults. Our aim is to make learning about healthy food and cooking healthy food a bit of fun, rather than a bore and chore.”

Five-a-day plus Turkey will also target more than 80,000 members of the popular Rosemary Conley slimming clubs, with motivational talks and free lifestyle cards to take home for inspiration. Lee adds: “This is an ambitious and overarching campaign that we hope will educate consumers to the versatility and health benefits of including British turkey in their regular diet. Retailers have acted positively and are 100% behind us. At the end of the day, we expect to see consumers buying more British turkey more often.

“This will be our first major campaign with the benefit of the familiar Red Tractor logo on pack alongside our own Quality British Turkey assurance. This is double reassurance in many consumers’ minds, while retailers also appreciate that QBT is the only ISO 45001 approved turkey growing and processing scheme in the world. Reassurance doesn’t get better than that.”

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