choco-leibniz-milk.jpgContinental biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen has unveiled a redesign, launching fresh packaging across its core range from the Autumn. The new look, created by design house Ropelius, of Hamburg Germany, is aimed at refreshing the brand and strongly signalling the premium quality and exceptional craftsmanship of its products.

Bahlsen’s flagship brand Choco Leibniz, along with First Class, Messino, Messino Minis and Deloba will all receive the makeover from September this year. The evolutionary design will help the brand achieve greater stand out on the biscuit fixture and widen its appeal amongst younger consumers.

The redesign incorporates two key changes. The revised brand logo retains and enhances the Bahlsen signature with gold detailing, whilst the premium blue background completely replaces the  yellow and green from Bahlsen’s existing colour palate. A date stamp will further emphasise the brand’s continental heritage since 1889 and newly shot product images will be used to capture the warmth and richness of the Bahlsen brand, and significantly increase appetite appeal.

Jon Dance, Marketing Manager at Bahlsen, said: “Bahlsen products are already a popular choice with UK consumers. By redesigning our packs we now feel that they very much strengthen and better reflect our premium position in the UK, and will appeal to today’s modern and more discerning biscuit purchasers.”

Already the leading continental biscuit brand in the UK, Bahlsen is looking to grow market share from branded and own label competitors. The redesign will be supported by a TV ad campaign this Autumn.

Bahlsen launches £1.5million advertising campaign
The UK’s leading manufacturer of premium biscuits is encouraging consumers to ‘discover the exceptional taste of Bahlsen’ through its most recent advertising campaign.

The £1.5million campaign, which is aimed at ABC1 women aged 35+, will focus on the company’s flagship biscuit brand Choco Leibniz, communicating its ‘Deliciously Continental™’ and indulgent attributes.

It incorporates a four-week burst of national TV spot advertising, which will be aired on terrestrial and digital channels including ITV, Channel4, Five, SKY, More4, ITV2 and Five Life. Eight weeks of print advertising will also run in tandem with the broadcast slots, in national dailies, lifestyle and food-related titles.

The creative plays on Bahlsen’s continental heritage. Based around the Bahlsen Book, which holds closely guarded secret recipes, it flows through scenes showing the making of a Choco Leibniz, homing in on the product’s indulgent nature and deliciously continental ingredients. Biscuit lovers across the UK are urged to ‘discover the delightful combination of sumptuously smooth continental chocolate and original all butter biscuit’  that is a Choco Leibniz.

Jon Dance, Marketing Manager at Bahlsen UK, comments: “This is the first time Bahlsen UK has engaged simultaneously in advertising both on national TV and in national print publications and we are very excited about the project.

“It will work in conjunction with our ongoing PR campaign, raising awareness of our flagship product, and reinforcing Bahlsen’s reputation for delivering products of the highest quality.”

The activity follows Bahlsen’s sponsorship of the Parkinson Show during 2006 and 2007, which saw sales for the Bahlsen brand increase by 35 per cent.


  1. Evelyn Hood

    Why is it that in UK adverts for Bahlsen Biscuits etc as are stated as being continental – where in actual fact they are German. Like allot of other products used in UK. Bahlsen originates from Hannover in Germany and the company founded over a hundred years ago. I suppose it wouldn’t fit into the UK concept to say something was German.

  2. We have just come back from a Leger tour of Austria and Germany (cruise on the Rhine) over Christmas, and along the service stops I always buy lots of packets of Bahlsen Plain Butter biscuits!!! I go home with about 20 packets, which really depresses me when they finish, cos I know I can only find these biscuits abroad. Why do supermarkets like Tesco only do the Chocolate coated ones, you only get 9 biscuits for about £1.69 – I don’t particularly like chocolate (I know – how sad) and I prefer the plain ones, they are so nice dipped in tea, you know you can only leave them for 1 second cos they are so gorgeous, they will otherwise melt!! Please, please someone, can you tell me who sells them in UK??? And why don’t Bahlsen of Hannover send us all the types – do they make more money out of us by sending chocolate??

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