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  • Walkers is bringing back seasonal Christmas flavours, at a time when sales in the savoury snacks category are at an all-time high2
  • New for 2019, Walkers is introducing a £1 PMP format across two of the nation’s favourite festive flavours
  • The flavours will continue to spark debate surrounding the contentious festive dinner accompaniment; Brussel sprouts

Due to popular demand1, Walkers is bringing back its Christmas dinner flavours that the nation fell in love with last year. New for 2019, £1 price marked pack (PMP) formats also join the line-up, available in two of the nation’s favourite festive flavours:Pigs in Blankets and Turkey & Stuffing.

Christmas is the biggest sales opportunity of the year, particularly for the savoury snacks category[1], worth £645m2and growing at 6.5%2 year on year. Therefore, it’s important for retailers to fill the shelves with the best-selling1festive favouritesof 2018 from the category leading brand[2]. The return of this range means they can continue to bring some festive magic to retailers’ sales this Christmas.

Everyone loves a Christmas dinner, so the flavours will continue to spark debate surrounding the contentious festive accompaniment; Brussel sprouts. Two multipacks will be available again this year, one for the sprout lovers, and the other, for the sprout haters:

  • Christmas dinner for sprout lovers includes – Brussels Sprouts, Turkey & Stuffing and Pigs in Blankets
  • Christmas dinner for sprout haters includes – Glazed Ham, Turkey & Stuffing and Cheese & Cranberry

Nick Day, Brand Manager, at PepsiCo, comments: ‘’The return of the Walkers Christmas flavours comes in response to the buzz and talkability generated last year, and the hugedemand from consumers. This year, weare also excited to launch two new£1 PMPsinour most popular festive flavours. We hope to spread the festivity, and continue to invite customers to decide whether they’re a #SproutLover or #SproutHater.”

The limited edition festive flavours will be available from October, and supported with TV from November, allowing retailers to capitalise on early Christmas sales as consumers continue to celebrate earlier each year.

[1]Salty Category Total UK Sales worth £645mm in Q4 2018, Larger than any other quarter, as recorded by Nielsen (WE 05.01.19) excluding ROI.

[2]Based on Total UK Sales data. Walkers were the best-selling crisps brand as recorded by Nielsen (52 Weeks date to 11.05.19) excluding ROI

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