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  • Blue Skies launches a new range of fresh fruit ice lollies in Tesco’s freezer isle. Each multi-pack includes three unique flavours, all made with fresh fruit
  • The latest innovation follows a successful dairy-free ice cream launch in the UK, recently listed on Ocado, and growing interest in the artisan lolly category 
  • Blue Skies is one of the UK’s largest fresh cut fruit suppliers, growing, developing and manufacturing its products at source to deliver fresher fruit while supporting grower communities

Building on its successful ice cream launch, Blue Skies has developed a range of fresh fruit ice lollies which will launch nationwide in Tesco stores this week. The innovation comes less than a year after releasing its award-winning ice cream, which has recently launched on Ocado.

The new ice lollies are targeted at the growing family market, being relevant for both children and adults alike. Made using fresh fruit which is picked, pressed and frozen all from in as little as 24 hours, the range offers consumers not only a tasty option but also a refreshingly natural alternative with zero artificial ingredients.

The range has two multipacks (£2.00 RRP); Mango Medley which has Mango, Mango Pineapple & Passion Fruit and Mango & Strawberry, while the Tropical Trio pack includes Pineapple & Ginger, Passion Fruit and Watermelon & Lime.

British entrepreneur and Founder of Blue Skies, Antony Pile said, “Last year’s hot summer saw an increase in adult ice lolly sales. We wanted to create a range that is true to Blue Skies belief in freshness in order to bridge the gap between the more serious artisan adult lollies and the nostalgic fun of children’s ice lollies. Having a variety of fruity flavours in one box provides a refreshing solution that will tantalise the taste buds of the whole family.”

More than two thirds of Brits believe they are ethical shoppers[1] and Blue Skies, unlike many competitor brands, make their ice lollies, dairy-free ice creams, juice and fresh-cut fruit in Africa where the fruit is grown and packed. By doing this, as much as 70% of the value of the product stays where the fruit is grown meaning more jobs and an improved economic landscape for local communities.

Mango Medley and Tropical Trio are available in Tesco RRP: £2 for a box of three.

For more information visit: or follow Blue Skies on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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