Using a slower cooking and production process, and a traditional recipe perfected by Japanese soy masters over centuries, Bonsoy soy milk is made from carefully selected whole organic soybeans which means, it is also GM free.

landscape-Bonsoy-Bonsoy is the only soy milk made with fermented soybeans and this is what gives the milk it’s fantastic creamy taste while also delivering an excellent source of vegetable protein.  The milk is dairy-free, has less than 5% fat and is low in cholesterol as well as being organic, gluten free and vegetarian.

However the great news for the catering and food service industry is that the secret of Bonsoy is now out and following its success in the health food trade, it is now being formally launched into this new sector due to high demand from baristas and coffee professionals who are all talking about how delicious it is.

In Australia, where Bonsoy soy milk is more widely used, it is recognised as the best by many professional coffee-makers.* This is because it has an almost perfect ‘stretch’, meaning it is a dream to pour and make patterns with.  Previously working with soy milk hasn’t been easy for baristas, but Bonsoy gets thicker and creamier when it is steamed – best used cold from the fridge, it needs steaming at a slightly lower temperature and for a shorter length of time – so this makes it ideal for latte art and its froth holds its consistency. Finally, and most importantly, Bonsoy doesn’t crack or break up when used with espresso machines and the product reacts really well with the coffee; this is often a common problem with other soy milks.

Well known coffee professional and barista, Matthew Carr, of says: “there is increasing demand from customers now for non-dairy options with their coffee and also, cafés need to tell customers this alternative is available. We carry it everywhere we go because of this growth in demand. With such a good product like Bonsoy, which is so easy to work with in terms of steaming and also that it tastes  great, all cafés should be offering this product to their customers.”

Community Foods, Britain’s experts in the procurement, sale and distribution of organic and natural dried fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, grains and branded health foods has recently appointed Café Deli ( as a new wholesaler for their high quality soy milk.

Café Deli supplies businesses based in London and also South East England including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and West Sussex.

Stephen Elting, Wholesale and Foodservice Director said: “We are delighted to add Café Deli Wholesale to our list of trusted wholesalers. Although well established in the healthfood sector, Bonsoy’s amazing taste is virtually unknown amongst foodservice organisations and Café Deli is well positioned to make the product more readily available to this rapidly growing sector of the UK market and its consumers.”

*The Perfect Soy Latté – ‘The Barista’s Secret’

Community Foods

Tel: 020 8208 2966


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