chiczaPeros has introduced another first for the UK foodservice sector – the world’s first certified organic, 100% natural, biodegradable chewing gum. Chicza, manufactured by cooperatives in the Mayan rainforests of Mexico, is an outstanding example of sustainability that allows the producers to improve their standard of living whilst actively managing the well-being of the forests. For Peros, well known for its range of fair and ethically traded beverages and snacks, the product is a natural fit into their existing portfolio of products aimed into the foodservice, catering, café and hospitality sectors.

Chicza is available in three delicious flavours – mint, spearmint and lime – natural, organic tastes that capture the essence of fresh and wild fruits, herbs and spices. The gummy and chewy consistency is unique to natural gum, with the added benefit of being 100% biodegradable – in fact, once disposed of, its all-natural components will become dust within weeks. Responsible users will appreciate this fact because the disposal of mass-produced chewing gums (based on artificial, petrol-based polymers) causes such a long-term environmental and sanitary nuisance for cities and public places.

Chicza is based on the natural, organic gum called ‘chicle’, extracted from the giant Chicozapote trees in the Mayan rainforests of Mexico. There are 56 cooperatives made up of around 2,000 ‘chicleros’, the workers who extract the gum, operating in an area of 1.3 million hectares of rainforest. They form the Consorcio Chiclero, the coordinating body responsible for the production, the logistics, the trade and the finances for the manufacture of ‘chicle’. In order to secure a sustainable future for themselves they created Chicza chewing gum. Because the ‘chicleros’ both make and sell the chewing gum, the ‘value added’ is much greater, giving each farmer an income six times higher than he would earn as a mere provider of raw material.  Everyone who chews Chicza is making a personal and direct contribution to a better life for a ‘chiclero’ and his family. In return, the farmer continues to preserve the forest where he and his family live.

Chicza chewing gum is available from Peros in boxes of 10 x 12 individual packets. Peros supplies a comprehensive range of over 300 other Fairtrade, Organic and ethically traded products, offered across the UK on a next day delivery.

See the Chicza website for more information:

Peros Contact Details: Tel 01494 436426

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