Cadburys_05-med-croppedThis April, Glass and a Half Full Productions will be introducing its latest creative, the ‘Chocolate Charmer’ as part of a new advertising campaign. Following in the footsteps of Gorilla, Airport Trucks and last year’s smash hit Eyebrows, the ad has aired on TV since the 9th April.

The new ad takes viewers into the magical world of Cadbury Dairy Milk production where we see the Chocolate Charmer at work creating his own delicious bars of milk chocolate, emphasising the “glass and a half of fresh milk” that goes into the recipe. As the 60 second film unfolds, the Charmer miraculously ‘conducts’ beautiful towers of chocolate and milk out of spinning glass bowls, orchestrated by his special levers and pulleys and his own magical powers with chocolate.

The ad tells a story of chocolate bars being “magically” crafted. Towering swirls of chocolate and the fresh milk that gives Cadbury Dairy Milk its unique creamy taste elegantly spin together as the Charmer pours his efforts into creating the special bars.

By focusing on a magical process, the new advertising campaign aims to focus the audience’s attention on the product in the usual quirky Glass and a Half Full Productions way. As the ad visually brings the production of chocolate to life, it will not only give consumers an enjoyable experience but also remind them of the delicious and creamy taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Kate Harding, Trade Communications Manager at Cadbury UK, said: “The latest TV ad brings consumers’ attention back to the original Glass and a Half Full Production: the making of Cadbury Dairy Milk itself. With this new campaign we aim to drive sales by reminding consumers of the magic of Cadbury Dairy Milk and supporting it with impactful POS will visually prompt shoppers to make the link between the ad on TV and the Cadbury Dairy Milk bars in-store.”

The production, created by Fallon and Directed by Henrik Hallgren is being aired across TV, cinema, video on demand and online media.

For more information about Cadbury Dairy Milk, please visit:

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